Opportunity Redefined

Coastal Development is a Private Equity Group with unique skill sets. Like a traditional funding mechanism, we provide working capital and/or financing necessary to remove growth constraints due to available liquidity. Our strategic advantage is that we contribute hands-on management expertise in process management, operation structure, accounting systems, and revenue growth tactics.

Amplified Potential

We bring our transaction experience and capital to accelerate revenue growth and profitability. We contribute hands-on management expertise in process management, operation structure, accounting systems, and growth tactics to accelerate revenue and earnings.

Coastal has capitalized on the strong growth in information services, technology, and transportation logistics by investing in a variety of dynamic growth industries. We help companies more efficiently communicate and conduct business with each other.

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For 22 years, our team of highly resourceful investment and management professional have continued to actively seek opportunities in companies that can accelerate their growth with added capital.



We proactively recruit world-class management leaders and entrepreneurs to partner with the desire to gain accelerated recurring revenues.



We position the go-to-market strategy and operational assets to compliment and support the revenue and net income targets.



We offer the opportunity to exit our equity position with the strategy in process and on-track to appropriate acquisition group, either back to management, or external targets.

Restructuring Advisory Services

Coastal Development has a proven track record with early intervention, strategic financial advice, out-of-court restructurings, distressed M&A and capital sourcing. We provide financial and operational restructuring advisory services to companies, lenders, creditors, and other parties-in-interest in troubled or potentially troubled credit situations. Our senior professionals have played a pivotal role in many of the corporate restructurings in the United States over the past two decades.

Coastal Development  specializes in delivering value to clients through a proven process that integrates analysis, insight and action. Our seasoned professionals have in-depth knowledge and a track record of success in the following key service areas:

Turnaround Consulting

We provide immediate management assistance to companies in distress. Our process provides clients with a structured path of tailored turnaround initiatives to restore a company’s viability, profitability and credibility.

Interim and Crisis Management

Coastal Development can assist in recruiting recruit the necessary talent to stabilize a business and mobilize resources toward recovery. These professionals can Work as senior management, (e.g., Chief Restructuring Officer, Interim CEO) or as part of a crisis team.

Performance Improvement

Our creative problem-solving capabilities also help under-performing companies improve profits and enhance enterprise value. By diagnosing problems, uncovering opportunities and prescribing custom solutions, Coastal Development has the ability to help managers optimize their competitive advantages.

Credit Rating Advice

When your business has a good credit rating, opening new channels and accounts with vendors becomes easier, and cash flow improves. This takes time, discipline, and tactics that we can help with. Think of the advantage of collecting your receivables in tandem with paying that underlying payable at or near the same day!

We can help leverage that.

A business’ D&B PAYDEX score is used much like an individual’s FICO score. It helps lenders, vendors and suppliers determine whether to approve you for financing and on what terms. Typically, the better the score, the more generous the terms extended. This can save your business money and give you more time to pay for supplies or services, leveling out cash flow.

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